Max The Cat Was Banned From The Library And The Internet Hilariously Demands Answers

by Elana

You've probably seen the photo floating around all over Facebook, Reddit, Imgur, you name it. It went full-blown viral on levels we don't always see anymore.

Max, a local cat, has been banned from the library. The sign begs library visitors to NOT let Max inside the library. It says Max wants in, but the library and Max's owner are in agreement that Max should not be allowed into the library. It appears to be quite the conundrum that apparently has begged an eruption of questions from the Internet. 

Cats love to be in all sorts of spaces. So why isn't Max allowed into the library? What heinous behavior could have barred the sweet cat from prowling the books and lounging in the rays of sunshine? We need to know. 

We need to know!

The post stat started it all...

Mischievous Max sparks an Internet uproar!

As it turns out there is a WILD story behind Max and we are just chomping up the details.

This is Max.

Isn't her adorable? We think so.

Love this photo of Max 💕...thanks to @russiansnowqueen #ilovemycat #gingercat #kittylove

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Max enjoys his outdoor freedom.

He roams free and wild enjoying the spoils of the neighborhood. He's a bit of a rebel though, not tamed solely by the ability to roll in the grass and bath in direct sunlight. Max seeks the comfort of the local library.

But his entertainment time in the Minnesota library was apparently not welcome.

He has wandered in multiple times and even been CAUGHT on camera and was subsequently publicly banned!

Oops Max was caught on camera as he sneaked into the library about a month ago

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However, this hasn't stunted Max.

Now, he has found fame like many rebels before him.

And it all began with a tweet.

Like many other instances of Internet fame, a single tweet began the rolling ball that gained momentum as the photo spread far and wide.

Naturally, someone responded.

By beginning Max's story with an eloquent poem on Twitter.

Part 2 of 3

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