Guy Live Tweets His First Time Watching Harry Potter And It's Pretty Magical

by Angie

So it may come to a surprise to like literally everyone that has been alive long enough to be able to read YA novels, but there are people...who don't...know anything about Harry Potter?!!?

I can't even. So this guy decided that he was going to pop the Harry Potter cherry and watch all of the movies (better than nothing) when he was home sick with the flu and Amazon Video. And because it's 2018, he live-tweeted the whole thing. It is hilarious and entertaining and totally worth it.

Scroll below to relive the magic of Harry Potter, for the very first time.



Chldudmia? Derpes?

*ugly cry*

RIP :(


I love Dobby!

Awww, so proud!

Ugh, Draco.

Pretty much.


Hagrid is the best!

Shit's getting real!

He now realizes what he's been missing

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