Loki the Vampire Cat Is the Cutest Cat On Instagram

by Elana

The Internet has given us opportunities galore to see the wonderful and vastly unique world of cats. We've seen some of the fluffiest, sweetest, and most unusual cats on the planet and with the ease of social media platforms like Instagram we've been able to eat up every picture and story of their fascinating journeys.

When we first heard that there was a "Vampire Cat" we pretty much dropped everything to find out more and boy, are we glad we investigated this little guy.

Loki was supposed to just be a foster cat for Katelyn, who felt like she had a strong will to not adopt a cat at this point in her life. She was happy to foster kitties in need and when she heard someone describe Loki, she rushed to see for herself. Loki's unique and Vampire-like appearance captured Katelyn's heart.

Loki's name was originally Angel but it took Katelyn only a mere glance to know that there was a better fitting name for this fascinating feline. While working at the Chittenden County Humane Society, an animal shelter in Vermont, Katelyn saw Loki (then Angel,) in the picture form, first.

The story that coincided with little Loki was that she was living in an office drawer because the other cats at the shelter were bullying her! Between the picture and the heart-wrenching story, Katelyn knew she had to visit the loner cat. When she found "Angel," she was curled up in one of the office drawers, like a little fluffy ball of fur and love just waiting for the next step in life. Suddenly, wanting to foster was not enough and she knew in her heart she wanted to adopt this cat.

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A post shared by Loki (@loki_kitteh) on

When Katelyn took "Angel" home she knew a better name would suit her mischievous, sweet kitty. The name that fit her new companion perfectly was Loki, after the God of Mischief himself. Today, Loki doesn't have to live in a filing cabinet to hide away from bullies. Instead, Loki is living the good life...

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Katelyn says that virtually nothing is known about Loki's past and she is believed to be roughly 10 years old but none of that really matters because today Loki is living the good life to the maximum. And Loki seems in her own way to know how loved she is and in return she loves Katelyn back just as unconditionally.

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Katelyn says that Loki has a small problem with just one of her eyes and it won't close all the way but it's still clear to see that she is full of life and love. Most of the time she is cheerful and cuddly and Katelyn is having a LOT of fun living life to the fullest with her furry feline friend.

Loki's unique and adorable appearance surely makes her one of the sweetest and cutest cats on the Internet today and we're sure she will continue to dominate Instagram for years to come. After all, she has almost 300,000 followers already and there's no sign of her fan base stopping any time soon.

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