This Man Forgot Where He Parked His Car And Found It 20 Years Later Exactly Where He Left It

by Elana

I am quite certain that virtually everyone who has ever driven and parked a car before has at least once forgotten at least momentarily where they parked it. For most of us, however, the moment is fleeting and we find out vehicle. 

Sometimes we may spend a solid ten to fifteen minutes wandering around the parking lot at the grocery store or if you're really unlucky you might spend a good hour wandering around the mall parking lot but beyond that most of us are keen to find our vehicle and move on with our day, no matter how frustrated the hide and seek endeavor may have been.

Ultimately, we have a vague idea where we parked our vehicle and it's only been there a short while.

Reflecting then on the times you've wandered aimlessly and frustrated through a parking lot looking for your dumb vehicle consider the man who lost his vehicle for a whopping twenty years.


I know, it kind of sounds like the plot to a corny movie but it's not. It is reality. Or at least it was reality for one man in Frankfurt.


We simply must know more.

Way back in 1997 (some of you may not have even been born yet) the world was a vastly different place. Bill Clinton was the President of the United States instead of a late night comedy joke and Donald Trump was a wealthy business man, also instead of a late night comedy joke. Sorry, he's also now the President of the United States. That's how long ago this was, folks! Cassette tapes still existed, MTV played music videos, and the Internet was a fraction as common as it was today. Also, teenagers did not have their own cell phones.

All of that aside, an every day man in Frankfurt forgot where he parked his vehicle and after searching frantically for it everywhere he could think he came to the conclusion that surely it had been stolen. Naturally, he reported the vehicle stolen to the local authorities. However, it was never recovered so the man just... moved on with his life. One can only mourn the loss of a car for so long, right?

Frankfurt, Germany:


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