10+ Beautiful Photos Of Maine Coon Cats That You Have To See If You Love Cats At All

by Mikayla

Do you love cats? Like, REALLY love cats? Then you'll obviously have heard of Maine Coons and all of their majesty. They're basically the royalty of the house-cat kingdom. Yup, they're THAT cool. So here to satisfy your daily need for cute cats in all their fluffiness is over 10 photos of Maine Coon cats just doing their feline thing.

Okay, I might be going a little overboard with the cat love but they're absolutely adorable cats and I would definitely be the type of person to have 12 of them in my house, except they wouldn't all fit. I'm going to need a bigger house. Or smaller cats...




2. I would let this cat have the entire bed

3. They're house cats with LION FACES

4. This one could be a model...


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