Hysterical Roasts The Internet Directed At Mark Zuckerberg When He Was Testifying Before Congress

by Ayoub Mask

Facebook has been in a ton of trouble lately after word got out that a political organization called Cambridge Analytica and that happens to be affiliated with Trump stole data from over 87 million of its users. Facebook also admitted that they scan all of our daily conversations in their Messenger app, which added more outrage to the whole situation.

Our beloved friend Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has taken a little trip to Capitol Hill where he testified before the United States Congress about user privacy and several other things. After observing Zuckerberg's unusual behavior, the internet decided to troll him into oblivion, and they definitely gave it their best shot.

The humans won't suspect anything at all

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In front of the whole world too

The only questions that matter

Too far dude

I will be one of them in no time

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He didn't think it would go this far


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Maybe it is, I don't know

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Well, you're about to find out

Nice haircut Zucc boi

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Imagine being under all of that stress


via: xLiserx

The resemblance is uncanny

He was in way more trouble

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