A Talented Artist Has Turned Everyday Life With His Wife into A Series Of Adorable And Relatable Comics

by Danielle

We all know that married life isn't easy, but it's also one of the more blissful things in life. 

Fellow artist, Yehuda Adi Devir has created a series of comics depicting he and his wife's relationship, that any married couple is sure to relate to. 

“My inspiration is my everyday life with my wife,” Yehuda said. “Our comic series "One Of Those Days" is based on real-life moments that happened to us and was about creating fun memories by illustration.”

The beginning of every relationship always seems to be the most fun, from amazing date nights to those adorable texts you receive from your significant other every day, but this is a couple who truly makes the most of every day. "My wife, Maya, and have been together for almost 8 years,” Yehuda said. “We met long ago in our military service after a long period of friendship, we started dating and got married a year and a half ago.”

We should also point out that Maya is an artist herself who has been collaborating with her husband on their "One Of Those Days" series. “The working process is me and my wife, Maya, together. Usually, after something interesting for illustration happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches,” Yehuda said“After that, I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting color, typography and so on. All of this process takes no more than a day."

There are a variety of different drawings and comics that you can check out on Yehida's website which showcases his love for art. “I began drawing from a really young age and got lucky by making a living out of my biggest hobby,” he said. “The art scene in Israel is really growing and I'm proud to be part of a community of talented and unique artists in my homeland.”

“I wanted to say a huge thanks to all our followers and the love we get. Thanks to you we can continue to create "One of those days" and make the world a happier place!”

Scroll down below to check out some of Yehuda and Maya's comics:

#1 Everything I Can Do, She Can Do Better

#2 Love Is Beautiful, But Also Painful

#3 She Has Your Back No Matter What

#4 Love Is Sacrifice

#5 Old Man Yehuda...

#6 When You Need To Use The Restroom, But He's In There Playing Games...

#7 Couples That Shop Together, Stay Together

#8 Happy Birthday To Me!

#9 We All Have Our Flaws

#10 You Lift Her Up When She's Tired

#11 Just Forget About The Outside World

#12 Singing While Driving

#13 Juicerstein

#14 When She Buys You A Present, But Mostly Uses It Herself...

#15 I'ts Party Time!

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