Dating Profile Style Memes That Accurately Describe All Of These Hilarious Dogs

by Jenny

Dogs are the coolest pets ever. Not only are they adorable, loyal, and cuddly- they're actually hilarious too. They don't even have to try. Just by being their dorky selves, they entertain us and makes us laugh. One of the best ways to play on this fact is to create dog memes, which the internet has already taken into its own hands time and time again.

One of the best kinds of memes are the memes that describe stereotypes. You know- the "starter pack" memes and or the ones describing a person. If you like these kinds of memes AND dogs, you're in luck.

Take a look below at these hilarious dog memes.

*Teaches meditation classes 3 times a week*

Beyond accurate.

*Spends Friday nights watching French rom-coms*

*Barks Mysteriously*

*Wants a refund on everything*

*Works at Forever 21*

*Drinks vegan lattes*

*Vaguely resembles Adam Driver*

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