Twitter Has Fallen In Love With This Mexican Rescue Dog Who Saves Lives

by Mikayla

Everybody has heard of people like Firefighters, Police Officers, and Medics, the heroes that work long hours in dangerous places, the fearless people who put others lived for the safety of their own. 

But sometimes we forget that there are others in the firing line as well. Unfortunately lately a lot places around the world have been in need of those hardworking heroes, and one, in particular, has appeared to be the light in the darkness, working hard to save the lives of people and need, all while stealing their hearts.

Meet Frida. The adorable rescue dog who is working hard to help out in Mexico's recent disaster. 


Throughout her career, Frida has found over 50 people, 12 of them alive, including the body of a police officer after the Oaxaca earthquake. She's now kitted up again with her boots, her vest, and her goggles, and her handlers are hoping she will save more lives after the magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Puebla, which killed more than 270 people. 


15 dogs from the Mexican NAvy's Canine Unit were deployed to help in the search for people in Mexico city but none of them are quite as popular on Twitter as Frida is. The Navy tweeted a collage of photos of Frida, announcing her 52 rescues to the public, and the post traveled quickly. It soon amassed more than 4,000 retweets and almost 7,000 likes.

Even the 'We Rate Dogs' Twitter account posted a fondness of Frida, posting this:

"Meet Frida. She's in the search and rescue division of the Mexican Navy along with two German Shephards. Sadly, she's been busy lately. 14/10"


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