10+ Mind Blowing Facts About Every Day Objects You've Probably Never Heard Before

by Elana

Life is full of a lot more mysteries and oddities than we usually give it credit for but thankfully, there is an awful lot of truth out there as well... as long as you know where to look! Sometimes we don't realize the curious explanations for all sorts of things in life even when we've been acquainted with them pretty much our entire lives. Even more interesting is that sometimes we just had the wrong assumptions or explanations and the truth is significantly more fascinating. And sometimes, it's just the little details that keep our minds buzzing as the days go by. 


Why else would fun facts be placed on things like Snapple lids? As humans, our thirst for knowledge can never be quenched and I, for one, think it's an especially good thing. The more the world has to offer us, big and small, the more interesting our lives will continue to be. So take a look through these everyday objects you've surely spent your entire life not thinking twice about and find out their fascinating facts and secrets! No stone will be left unturned today!

1. What's in a name?

That little dab of toothpaste you like to put on your toothbrush has an actual name. It's called a nurdle and I'm very upset that this isn't common knowledge.

2. Where in the world is the croissant from?

It's NOT France, though many, many individuals might believe that to be so. The delicious pastry originated in Vienna, Austria.


3. The very first webcam...

It wasn't for chit-catting long distance with your friends in family. It was designed and set up by scientists at Cambridge University to check the levels of a coffee pot from their desks. Brilliant.

via: Gizmodo

4. Therapeutic Chocolate

In the 1700's, chocolate milk was sold as medicine by Irish botanist, Sir Hans Sloane. Today it certainly is capable of lifting our spirits.

via: KRCM

5. You will never unsee this.

Look closely, one of these kings is not like the other. In a Rouennais pattern deck of cards, the king of hearts is the only one without a mustache.


6. That's a whole lot of candy.

In a single day, 400 million M&M's are produced. In the United States they are created in New Jersey and Tennessee. I bet those towns smell real nice.

via: OhNuts

7. To tie a tie...

How many individuals have you met in your life who struggle with the whole tie-tying tidbit? Squash their fears in the future by letting them know there are 177,147 ways to tie a necktie, according to some Swedish scientists anyway. That's the productive way to use science in every day life!

8. The useful spaghetti spoon

That hole serves a real purpose! It holds a single approximate serving of dry pasta. Now you never have to cook too much ever again. You're welcome.

via: OhNuts

9. Barbie's true identity

Barbie has been around for generations but did you know she has a full name? Barbara Millicent Roberts! She also has a birth date of March 9, 1959.

10. The secret to your signature line

That's not just any old line that you sign your name on your checks over. It's very tiny print that says "Authorized Signature." Cool!

11. Bumpy Ride

The little bumps on the 'f' and 'j' on the keyboard you've spent probably your entire life using serve a purpose! That is, if you're using all ten fingers to type. The bumps help direct your pointer fingers to the 'home keys'.

12. Quite the impact.

What has the global cost of toilet paper been? Everyday, 127,000 trees are chopped down in order to meet the worldwide demand for toilet paper to wipe our butts. That's a significant imprint to be flushed to the sewers.

via: Self

13. A berry serious conundrum

Never mind arguing about whether or not avocados and tomatoes are fruits. Did you know that bananas, grapes, and oranges are all technically berries? Stick that one in your noggin.

via: Flickr

14. Functional Fabric

That small piece of fabric and buttons that comes with nicer articles of clothing isn't for when you rip or tear your clothes. It's actual purpose is for the laundry. You toss it in with your regular laundry before you wash your new clothes to ensure that your particular detergent of choice won't ruin your fancy, new clothes. Don't tell me that isn't fascinating!?

via: YouTube

15. An item of many names!

That little cardboard sleeve around your carry out coffee cup has a TON of names, including: coffee clutch, coffee cozy, Java Jacket, and my personal favorite: paper zarf.

via: Nizar

16. The significance of holes in pen lids...

Those little holes are genuinely important! In fact, they can be life-saving important! Should a person ever swallow one and begin to choke, that nifty little hole can help make sure they can still breathe just enough to keep them alive while emergency services dislodges the lid. And yes, this had to happen enough for someone to come up with the idea so it's definitely necessary!

17. That's not a tiny slinky.

If you laid a slinky out flat it would measure a whopping 87 feet. That's a whole lot of toy.

18. Maniacal Laughter

Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. Next time you visit yours... bust out your tinfoil hat and accuse your dentist of creating the problem you're there for!

19. The most delightful OOPS

Bubble wrap was created entirely on accident. Originally trying to create textured wallpaper, the two inventors of bubble wrap ended up with the plastic sheets covered with air bubbles when that's what their machine accidentally produced instead. What a happy, little mistake.

via: Reddit

20. That glorious brown color

Where does Coca-Cola get that thirst-quenching coloring from? The fascinating history: Coca-Cola's original formula used caramel to give it the brown coloring we are familiar with today. Even more interesting is that the 'cola' part of the name comes from kola nuts, another original formula ingredient.

via: Flicker

21. The history of movie trailers

Not everyone likes these things (while others... it's their favorite part of the movie going experience) but the source of their name "movie trailers" comes from the fact that a long time ago... they aired at the end of movies in stead of the beginnings! I wonder how many folks would linger around after the credits today if that was still the case?

22. Tiny Pockets

Those tiny pockets on your jeans are not for coins but they do have a long-standing purpose. Back in the day cowboys found those little pockets to be the perfect spot to put their pocket-watches.

23. Bottle Cap FACT

These nifty little rings created a tight seal that kept both liquid and carbonation in the bottle, ensuring your soda did not go flat.


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