Clever Things You Probably Missed In Disney and Pixar Movies That Will Probably Surprise You

by Angie

Disney and Pixar are known for sneaky details thrown into their movies.

Sometimes they are known as easter eggs, an intentional joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature hidden within the movie. Sometimes they are just clever details in the movies that you wouldn't necessarily notice at first but would make you smile if you did. 

They run the whole gamut; some are appropriate and some are a bit on the adult humor side of things. There are tons of, shall I say, conspiracy theories about old school Disney moves like The Little Mermaid and details that illustrators drew in. 

Either way, these kinds of things are what makes these movies so fun to watch, as you can spot something new each time. 

Dory's dad may need hair plugs in the future, because in this scene from Finding Dory it looks like the black marks on him are a sparsely-populated hairline.

King Nedakh took one for the team in Atlantis: The Lost Empire and went blind from staring at the crystal while Atlantis sunk.

Ever the law abiding citizen, Judy Hopps of Zootopia never jay walks and always looks both ways.

Wall-E makes a bold environmental statement by showing the Earth missing both Cuba and Alaska, and showing the Great Lakes taking up more area than they should.

*sobs* In Up, Ellie can be seen in her hospice bed with her scrapbook and supplies, which means the last page was written right before she died. :(

In Monsters Inc. they have an Inhuman Resources department. Honestly, #same.

Always check phone numbers! As seen in The Incredibles, this phone number spells out "SUPRHRO".

The passcode to a secret safe in Wreck It Ralph is actually just the Konami Code. #classic

Appropriately so, when walking into Ego's study in Ratatouille we notice that it is shaped like a coffin.

Ouch! Mother Gothel tells Rapunzel "I love you most," but is most definitely kissing her hair and not Rapunzel herself.

In case you didn't notice, Scar had his claws extended the entire movie. #villian

This one actually happens a lot! Coco has a scene where a street vendor is selling pinatas of Buzz, Woody, and Mike Wazowski.

This one was more obvious than the others, but the mountainous landscape in the background of this scene in Cars are

When The Good Dinosaur meets Finding Dory: you can briefly see Hank as Arlo falls into the water.

Olaf is seen just hanging out as a statue in Big Hero 6.

Speaking of Wall-E, AUTO the robot shows up in the background of each of the captain's pictures, but gets closer and closer each time showing how he slowly takes over the Axiom.

See those matching teeth? This showed that in Coco, the guitar really belonged to Hector after all.

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