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14 Creepiest and Most Disturbing Missing Person Cases Ever

14 Creepiest and Most Disturbing Missing Person Cases Ever

by Ayoub Mask

We're all very desperate for closure, because without it, we will constantly be living in a toxic cloud of expectations and hope, and we will find ourselves in a non-ending cycle of sadness and depression. When people go missing out of the blue, our minds simply can't grasp how someone could just vanish all of a sudden, and that triggers a whole series of questions and speculations that might or might not help find the missing person.


1. GalraPrincess

The case of Jaycee Lee Dugard has always fascinated and mortified me. 11 year old girl kidnapped on her way to school in 1991. In 2009, she turns up alive. Turns out, married couple kidnapped her and kept her in a series of sheds in their backyard for 18 years as a sex slave. During this time the man impregnated her twice and she had two kids, 11 and 15 when the three of them were finally rescued. These kids had never seen the outside world and all they knew were what she was able to teach them with her own limited knowledge.

Thankfully, she was reunited with her parents and last known to be focusing on raising her kids and generally staying as private as possible with her life.

2. aselorrxenon

My brother in law's uncle was driving to work and they found his truck with all his belongings,(except clothes) still running on the side of the road. No sign of him. Just gone.

3. Unfortunate_Dildo

Maybe not a missing person case, but one of the most disturbing things I've ever heard. Missing pregnant woman in my town. Can't find her anywhere. She put up an ad on Craigslist for other pregnant women to hangout with and to get advice from. Only one person responded and they became really great friends. They were friends for a couple months and one day she just goes missing for about a week.

Suddenly, someone sees a woman laying on the side of the road, guts pulled out and laid in a neat pile. So fresh there's still steam. Dental records prove it is the pregnant woman but there's no baby to be seen anywhere. Turns out the "friend" had cut out her baby and brought it to the hospital claiming to have had the baby in her car. What tipped them off was that instead of a placenta (like the woman thought) the woman had brought pregnant lady's ovaries instead.

4. colonelsmoothie

Pedro Lopez is a serial killer, who, at least according to himself has killed more than 100 people. He spent some time in prison and at some point was freed, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

5. Worldly96

For me, the creepiest is the disappearance of a Canadian boy named Michael Dunahee, then aged 4. He vanished from a school playground with his parents close by and there no witnesses.

6. koh_kun

There's a famous Japanese case where a mother said she's going to meet an old classmate, left the house leaving an 18 month old baby behind and never came back.

What was really creepy about it was when the husband was being interviewed on TV, there was a memo on the wall that said "Don't believe in anything Yoko says." Yoko was the name of the missing lady's sister.

7. A_Simple_Rose

A girl in my grade (when I was in grade 6) was reportedly missing after having an argument with her mom in the parking lot of a grocery store. Security cameras were checked and they found out the mother had lied about that. After several days we found out that the mom had strangled her with twine, pulled her pants off to make her look like she was raped, and threw her by a lake. Disturbing stuff. There were only about 30 people in my grade so it was a close knit community

Edit: it turns out it was because the mom's boyfriend at the time gave her an ultimatum. Great guy

Edit 2: actually he may not have given the ultimatum, and to my understanding wasn't charged. Mom's evil though and in prison for life

Edit 3: also apparently the last words: "mommy don't" will forever resonate in the mother's head while she's in jail for the rest of her life. This is such a twisted story, ugh.

8. Captainnuzzles

My would-be aunt was abducted and presumably murdered when she was a young girl, 7yo iirc. The primary suspect was Ted Bundy, who lived down the street and was 14 at the time. My grandmother wrote to him while he was on death row and he wrote back denying responsibility. My mom and the deceased shared a bedroom and were very close in age. There's a book about it. Very creepy in general but especially to me considering it could have easily been my mom and I never would have existed.

The woman in the article below is my deceased grandmother.

9. Raithrot

Ohhhhh this girl who was working alone got dragged out of gas station (all seen on camera). The footage was so bad they couldnt figure out who it was so they put out a message in the paper with his coat description. Someone eventually says their janitor always wears that coat. They go to the guys house and search non stop over and over again. They find a single burned tooth in the backyard. It would have been inconclusive but the girl had gone to a dentist conference and got a just on the market filling that only like 2 people in the world had.... soo they caught him ....

10. arturo_lemus

The Brandon Lawson case

Around 2am he was in a field in Texas and called 911. In the call its hard to hear what he says but he sounds distressed and panicked. He cuts off and that was the last he was heard of. His brother said he called him after but he has yet to be found

It sounds like said he ran into something and mentions he was chased in the woods. Somewhere else someone edited the audio and it sounds like gunshots in the background of the call

Allegedly at 1:03 you can barely hear a faint "help me"

The 911 Call

I was informed by some Redditors that he had a felony warrant out for his arrest so he was more scared of whatever he encountered than he was of going to jail because he specifically requested the cops regardless


11. Nureshela

It's solved now but the Colleen Stan case always sticks with me. She accepted a ride from a couple with a young baby thinking they looked safe and they were anything but. They held her captive as a sex slave for 7 years, many days she spent 22-23 hours in a box under their bed. The wife even gave birth on the bed above her. She was allowed to go home once and visit her family, she was so brainwashed she didn't tell them what was happening and went back to the box afterwards. The wife finally helped her escape when the husband started building a dungeon for more slaves. It really other me.

12. ephantmon

Two of them:

  • Brandon Swanson. On the phone with his dad when he exclaims "oh shit!" and is never heard from or seen again.

  • Sarah and Jacob Hoggle. Their mother took them "somewhere safe" and has never told anyone where that was or what happened. She also apparently has paranoid schizophrenia and is not competent to stand trial.

  • 13. dipdippity

    The Schulze Family from Drage in Lower Saxony. Husband Marco (41 at the time), his wife Sylvia (43 at the time), and their daughter Miriam (12 at the time), went missing from their home in Drage on the 22nd july 2015, nowhere to be found. Marcos body was found a week later in the Elbe (a river), he had a concrete block attached to his legs with a rope. Sylvia and Miriam though remain unfound to this day. Their house was just emptied of all their personal belongings and everything, it will be sold, the money will be put in a secure bank account until they find out who will inherit it. Sylvia can't be pronounced dead yet, earliest in 8 years from now on, 10 years after her disappearance. Miriam on the other hand can't be pronounced dead until she is 25, that is the law here in Germany. Many people believe that either the dad killed his wife, daughter, then himself. Others believe mother and daughter are alive. Who knows though, we will may never know.

    14. Sex_Sniper

    In India we use gas cylinder for the stoves to cook stuff. And they need to be refilled every 3 week or so. The refill company sends cylinder trucks to remote areas. This time my aunt missed the truck and she send my cousin to near town (~10km) to refill it. My cousin (17 M) at that time left on his bike and never came back. No evidence of him, nothing at all. Police dropped the search after an year and family stopped after like 5 years. He just vanished that day. Almost 20 years now and my aunt is still waiting for his return.

    While many people live their lives in search of closure, at times they do need to be in seclusion. But seclusion also has a negative tone to it, just like these creepy things that happened to people when they spent too much time by themselves.