These Women Asked Their Crushes Out For Valentines Day And Some Of Them Got Brutally Rejected

by Mikayla

Asking someone out is scary, no matter who you are, they could say no, they could humiliate you, or even worse they could go ghost on you completely. Why would anyone put themselves through that? Well, for love of course. And this Valentines Day the girls are taking charge, and refusing to wait for the boys to ask them first.Β 

Unfortunately, there are some mixed results, but you can never expect a perfect result when it comes to romance but the girls did their best and put themselves out there, for some pretty adorable results. Check them out below and maybe you will work up the courage to ask out your crush this Valentines Day!

1. This is the tweet the started it all...

Oloni innocently asked for girls to ask out their Crush and post the results, who know it would have turned out like this!

2. We got a yes!

3. Actually, it turns out that there were a few yes's!

4. And girls were actually quite shocked at the outcome of this 'silly' challenge.

5. Because all that anxiety led to dates on the most romantic day of the year!

6. Saying "it worked" was an understatement for this girl!

7. Even some of the youngins got in on the romance...

8. Unfortunately, Cupid didn't make it around to everyone who tried the challenge.

And this girl is right, it's better than being left on, read! And technically he didn't say no, he just already has plans.

9. Uh, at least this guy was straight up from the start.

10. At least it was a yes? Wait, is that a yes?

11. This ones pretty cute when you think about it! At least he wants to spend time with her!

12. See this girl gets it!


14. Anyway, back to the original post. This guy is claiming extortion!

15. Keep your head up girl! You don't need no Samsung man!

16. And as if all of these posts weren't enough there's the rest of the bystanders who were too shy to join in on the fun...

17. Same girl, same.

18. My boyfriend would tell me to... Nevermind.

19. He's waiting! Someone hit him up!

20. You do you boo boo xx

21. It's fun to watch love blossom... Right?

22. You even tried space?

23. Scream at him, it works 100% of the time. Promise.