This Cashier Had The BEST Response When Two Young Girls Thought He Was A Moana Character

by Elana

When 2016 brought us a new Disney animated classic, Moana, the world knew pretty quickly we got something special. Moana, the daughter of the village chief, is a free-spirited girl with an obsession with the ocean, tasked with saving her people. 

She sets out to get help from the legendary demigod, Maui, so that together they can restore the heart of the Goddess Te Fiti, saving not only her people but the world, too!

With songs, you can't resist singing along to and characters you can look up to, it's no surprise that Moana was an instant classic for children and families everywhere!


Recently, two little girls in Hawaii appear to have found one of their Moana heroes at a local Costco!


William Va’ana is a cashier at Costco in Hawaii and when eight-year-old Ryley and her sister five-year-old Rylyn glanced over to see him in the store they were completely convinced they were staring at the real-life Maui! Truthfully, it's not hard to see how the girls got confused. William does look an awful lot like the Maui character voiced by Dewayne 'The Rock' Johnson!

It started out as just another day when the sisters were shopping at Costco with their mom. When they spotted William they were absolutely convinced that he was Maui and began chanting Maui's name! They pretty quickly got William's attention that way!\


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