This Mom's Viral Post Is Teaching The Internet Something Important About Sharing

by Elana

Chances are that when you were growing up you were taught some pretty specific and intense lessons about sharing and not complying with said rules resulted in some serious consequences from your parents. The generations before us were taught that sharing is really important, to the point where it became some sort of implicit expectation that revoked the ability for many people to say, "no." In fact, we've managed to get to a point where an entire generation (or two, even) seems to struggle to set personal boundaries and say no to anything, ever. That's become a huge problem and one mom is having NONE of it. 

Her now viral post about an interaction at a public park with her son and some other kids at the playground has sparked a wide variety of reactions world-wide about the expectations we have, have had, and should have for our children in today's "self-entitled" society and how the expectations set regarding sharing can shape and mold us into various types of adults. 

Have a look and weigh in for yourself...

"Sharing is Caring?"

Mama Bear wrote this:

The post has been shared nearly 130,000 times and has received comments from literally all over the entire world. Here are just a few intense examples of how people are chiming in on this mother's powerful post:

Most of the comments on the viral post seem to support the provocative statement.

While others thought the mom over-simplified a complex "issue."

Others blatantly disagreed.

While some people were a little... enthusiastic.

And of course some people decided the entire post was moot because the mom used the word "snowflakes."

And this mama says that NOT sharing has nothing to do with being selfish!

Some people just ended up kind of clueless about her analogy, of course.

No means no.

So, what about you? What do you think about this mom's bold and provocative viral statement about sharing and the conversations that have come about because of it? Do you agree? Do you passionately disagree? Or do you fall somewhere in between? Let us know! 

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