This Person's Netflix Binge Was So Intense, Netflix Contacted Them To See If They Were Alright

by Alexandra

Remember the good old days when you had to scan the TV Guide Channel to find a show worth watching? If you weren't available to watch the episode when it played, you would have to wait until the reruns began. How could you even fathom having to wait until NEXT week to find out what happened on your favorite show

Well, my friends, those days are long past us thanks to streaming apps such as Netflix. If you are a breathing human being with a pulse, you've likely been guilty of binging on Netflix and enjoying every minute of it. You can view your favorite show in the comfort of your own home, eat as many pieces of pizzas as you want, and you can literally watch as many episodes as you want

Trust us, in the battle of "the thrill of waiting for the next episode" versus "instant convenience", convenience is the notorious winner.


Netflix Has Forever Changed How We Watch TV

Hit shows, such as Stranger Things, are able to be viewed in their entirety due to Netflix and other streaming apps


PLOT TWIST: Netflix is watching you right back.

In December 2017, the company sent out a tweet that poked fun at over 50 people who decided they wanted to watch the movie A Christmas Prince every single day for 18 days. Understandably, the tweet sparked quite a bit of conversation in the Twitter world.

We Aren't Judging You But Netflix Might Be

Although there were some hurt feelings, a lot of people found the tweet to be humorous and rather educational. People literally were going crazy that Netflix had these kinds of stats in their hands. Others really got a kick out of Netflix serving sarcasm and snark to their users on a silver platter.

Fans Were Loving The Statistics About What Random Things Were Being Viewed

However, for as much positive feedback they were getting, there was an equal amount of criticism from Twitter users as well. Some people found it offensive that Netflix was making fun of their customers' interest in entertainment and some people found it to be a problem that Netflix monitors them this closely in the first place. 


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