This 9-Year-Old Is Masterfully Killing It In The New Yorker's Caption Contest

by Ayoub Mask

If you're not familiar with "The New Yorker's Caption" contest, it's basically a bunch of cartoons that are in need of a caption, each week they provide a single cartoon and people are allowed to submit their captions below it, after that only three finalists are chosen and people get to vote for their favorite. 

This 9-Year-Old has been totally killing it when it comes to coming up with funny captions for these cartoons, her captions are so random and sometimes out of context that they end up creating a hilarious combination that will definitely make anyone laugh out of nowhere.

It really is pure delight!

Is he in jail?

He's obviously not

Just a hitchhiker


What mice



It controls every TV in the world

Only two "pepole"

He's all alone though

No I want to murder you

Best one yet!

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