New Zealand's Police Force Create The Most Entertaining Recruitment Video Ever

by Mikayla

Police are seen as heroic people that roll around in colorful cars fighting crime and protecting our streets. They crack down hard on all types of crime, but not only do they work hard, they play hard too! 

New Zealand's police force is known for their quirky videos and fantastic sense of humor, but their latest recruitment video is the best one to hit screens yet. 

If features officers from all walks of life, men and women, of different builds and ethnicities, and as a New Zealander myself, I have to say it's nice to see the unity in this ad. 

Check it out if you're looking for a bit of entertainment and make sure you watch right until the end because they even feature a few bloopers of the filming process, including an officer falling through a fence!

Meet the New Zealand Police!

The New Zealand Police force is a team of over 12,000 officers who work on the land, in the air, and via sea, providing safety and quick responses to emergencies across the entire country.
Meet the New Zealand Police!

Not to mention they have the cutest dogs EVER

The NZ Police has made a few appearances on social media showing off their ability to stand out from the crowd, and prove to people that they're not just "normal" officers. One of the gems we've seen over the years comes from the popular TV show dubbed Police Ten 7. Watch the snippet below:

Not to mention they have the cutest dogs EVER

Safer Communities Together.

The next was this charming elevator jam session from a bunch of officers!

Awkward silence isn't acceptable when is comes to the NZP!

However, the latest (and most viral) video of our friendly neighborhood officers has made the internet go crazy! 

Check out the hard work the actors put into making this new advert below, and make sure to show your friends! You never know, you might just be swayed into joining the force and becoming the next tv star!

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