This Is The Story Of A Man Who Accidentally Releases 250 Live Crickets Into His House

by Rachel

I'm sure we've all had an online shopping mishap; it's practically a rite of passage for the internet age. For most people though, it's a piece of clothing that's outrageously large or a home-ware that's laughably small. Not for Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham, whose online shopping misadventure ended in his house full of live crickets.

Ingraham's family adopted a bearded dragon for Christmas this year. The lizard is named Holly, and her hobbies include eating, a lot! As well as eating vegetables and mealworms, Holly eats a lot of crickets. Which led Ingraham to make the decision to purchase crickets in bulk online, but, all did not go as planned.

Luckily for us, Ingraham decided to share the hilarity on his Twitter account


Considering we live in an age where even fruit can come wrapped in plastic, it is a fairy reasonable assumption that live crickets would be securely wrapped too!

"I cut open the tape and opened the cardboard flaps and was greeted by dozens of beady little cricket eyes staring eagerly up at me. I had a brief vision of the aliens-in-the-claw machine from “Toy Story” before the crickets started doing what they usually do when they are suddenly exposed to light — hopping all over the place. I quickly closed the flaps."

Seems like the best option to me!

Deny! Deny! Deny!

Just keeping calm...

You know what they say... hindsight is always 20/20!


An excellent question.

One I, myself, would be asking if in a similar situation.

Just move out, the house is theirs now.

There isn't much a cheery attitude can't solve!

There is a lesson to be learnt here: always seal your cricket box securely.

Any chance of getting a video of the cats helping out?

"Briana later told me that she first realized something was terribly wrong when one of the cats suddenly leaped on to a pumpkin pie that had been warming on the counter top. It was going after an unusually large cricket that was munching the filling."

Absolutely would NOT play this game of Pokemon.


With the worst of the crisis over: Ingraham posted an update the next day!

You can read a full account of the cricket crisis here.