20 Of The Most Hilarous Struggles That Only Pale People Will Understand

by Danielle

We live in a word where getting a tan is pretty much a must have and I think if anything, this article is going to explain it perfectly. Now I'm not one to understand the struggle of being pale, but I totally get why it can become quite annoying for some people. 

If it's not being able to find the perfect foundation color, then it's having to worry about spending money at tanning salons which can be stressful for just about anyone.

Take a look below at 20 of the endless problems that only pale people go through on a daily basis.

1. Have you spotted her yet?

2. That would be nice

3. I think the sun missed a spot...

4. When a good moment gets ruined

5. I hope she's not complaining because that's a GIFT !

6. OMG these names though

1. "Anemia Forever"

2. "Are You Getting Enough Sun"?

3. "Not Quite Dead Yet"

4. "Recently Deceased"

7. I'm trying to figure out which one is better... Casper for sure!

8. Don't pay attention to what society finds "acceptable" and just be yourself

9. Hey there's nothing wrong with being different

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