21 Parents Who Have Totally Given Up On Being Parent Of The Year

by Mikayla

Parenting is hard. I don't even have a child yet and I can testify that parenting is one of the toughest things that people have to do on this planet. You're not only responsible for keeping another human alive by feeding them, bathing them, and making sure that they get enough sleep, you also have to teach them to walk, talk, count, read, tie their shoes, and (if they're really smart) calculus. And no one wants to teach their kid calculus. 

On top of all that you have to remember to actually feed yourself too, keep a house clean, work or study, and attempt to have a life. When you think about it, being a parent is basically both the best and worst thing ever, so you definitely deserve that glass of wine once the kids go to sleep. Or 4 of them.

1. Meet some parents who are just trying to make it until nap time...

2. I'd give them a unicorn if it kept them quiet, Dr.

3. They can scream but they can't flail? I love it!

4. You want to die from the cold? Fine. Die then.


6. Tag, you're in.

7. If you cut the clip off there's nothing to cry over, right?

8. Can someone drop me a med-pack? And some scotch?

9. Fingers crossed!

10. I'd send apology letters every time this happened, but the stamps are too expensive...

11. Everyone has THE CHAIR

12. Be good kids! OR ELSE

13. We don't lie to our children...

14. At least the kids will be clean for once!

15. Are you not supposed to tell them that?

16. It's fine just scrape it off! Oh, no we can't because it's ruined now. Okay.

17. You can't win at life, son.

18. Is soccer on today or tomorrow? Yesterday? Oh.

19. It's good to teach your kids about other cultures at a young age.

20. Aim low and always be pleasantly surprised!

21. Oh yeah, we're done.

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