10+ Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Australians

by Elana

With over 24 million residents, Australia manages to be one of the coolest and most unique countries on planet Earth. While you could travel anywhere in this world, there is truly no place quite like the down under. 

Interestingly, despite the fact that quite a few countries in the world speak English (the United States, Canada, Great Britain, for examples) Australia manages to have their very own special way of doing just about everything, the English language included. 

There are some things that just sum up Australia in ways that only your fellow Australians can understand. Culture, food... bloody magpies. We get you. Therefore we know you're going to walk away from these memes today laughing hysterically.

1. Feels so good.

What other choices do you have, though?

via: Twitter

2. Remember Kids!

Only in Australia.

via: Imgur

3. Man Vs. Kangaroo

Again... only in Australia.

via: Reddit

4. The birth of Australia

It sounds like a meme. It's reality. It's HISTORY.

5. Magpies

Better start running, mate.

6. Varying degrees of Vegemite

How soft, or hard, are you?

via: Imgur

7. Never forget

You were basically born bad**s.

8. The greatest phrase in the English language.

Australia is doing it right.

via: Tumblr

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