10+ Perfect Boyfriends Who Raised The Bar Way Too High

by Ayoub Mask

Just like everything else in life, being romantic is a skill that needs to be acquired, so if you happen to suck at it, it's really hard to just spontaneously think about cute and romantic stuff to do to your significant other, which is why a lot of people seek outside inspiration or at least copy people who are naturally gifted in that area.

Some guys are so romantic that they're making every other guy on this planet look bad, they're raising the bar so high that none of us are able to compete. If you really think about it, all it takes is one genuine thought to be exactly as romantic as these guys.

1. He built this amazing pillow fort for him and his gf

2. Try to come up with something more romantic than that

3. "My boyfriend replaced my scale while I was out of town"

4. On their 28th wedding anniversary, he offered her this gift:

5. He wanted his girl to be entertained while bathing

6. Using 7000 sticky notes -that contain some of their fondest memories-, this husband made an 8-bit Valentine's day themed room for his wife

7. He gave her a magical flower

8. He custom made an engagement ring for his finance

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