Cards Against Humanity Has Released A Period Pack For All The Times We Couldn't Find The Words To Express How Women Truly Feel About That Time Of The Month

by Kailee

Cards Against Humanity has released a period pack that funnier and more offensive that we could have imagined. It has always been a long time favorite with many, allowing us to make fun of things that we would never have the guts to say in public. But now, it gets better. Instead of just joking about genocide, Hitler, and the Holocaust, you now get to poke fun at the monthly satanic waterfall known as the delightful period. 

Released in a twin pack expansion of weed and periods, it is all sorts of gross and revolting yet insanely hilarious, and it has us rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter with our friends.

A twin pack of weed and periods was released from Cards Against Humanity...

And it is all sorts of gross and hilarious.

It expresses everything that women feel during that time of the month...

And all the things that they want to say but probably shouldn't in public.

Cards Against Humanity has been a longtime favourite for many due to its inappropriate nature...

With the ability to turn even the gentlest of souls into torturous maniacs.

We can all relate to the anger when your card isn't picked.

Cards Against Humanity allows us to mock our friends...

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