These Pets Can't Put Their Cell Phones Down and It's Absolutely Adorable

by Alexandra

You've likely heard the complaint that others are on their phones constantly. During a conversation or even a meal, people are always checking their phones and texting away. I mean, when we lose our phones, it's almost like the world is coming to an end. 

We don't really think anything is too out of the norm when we react like this and assume everyone else does as well. Why? Because we are absolutely addicted and in love with our cell phones. And apparently, we are not the only ones! The following list is composed of cats and dogs who are also completely addicted to their cell phones.

"I better check my Facebook!"

This little guy has an addiction to scrolling.. and it's adorable
via: Tumblr

"Guys, I lost my phone, can someone call it?"

This cat had to go old school and use the landline

"You're on speaker, guys! Don't say anything crazy!"

This kitty had to make sure his friends on the other lines behaved themselves
via: Grist

"Sing me to sleep, babe"

This guy looks like he's really sleepy and needs his lady friend to sing sweet words to him on the other end
via: Wazaw

"I choose to use my phone as a chin heater instead"

Hey, maybe it was cold in this little angel's house that day
via: Wazaw

"This doesn't look like mommy's phone"

These little kittens have a thing or two to learn about cell phones

"Why isn't my text sending?"

This little guy has a bit to learn about texting in the water
via: 500px

"Ugh, I don't have time for this drama"

This baby looks like she just read way too much drama on her phone and is so over it

"He's starting out young"

You can only keep the phone out of their hands for so long

"No.. You hang up first"

This puppy doesn't want to hang up on his girlfriend first

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