10+ Pets Who Have No Holiday Cheer Despite Our Best Efforts

by Elana

I mean, the holidays are a wonderful time of year, right? We just want to spread some cheer! Pretty lights, fun colors, yummy food! What's not to love?! 

Apparently, our animals have found reasons to grump greater than the Grinch each and every holiday season and it's 99% of the time our fault. 

We have this uncanny ability to spread cheer in the worst of ways without beloved pets. Ridiculous costumes. Noisy decorations. Flashing lights. We are just a little too enthusiastic and they tend not to appreciate it, which is why there has been a new trend of upside down Christmas trees this year.

Yet while we all take the lessons these grumpy, grinch pets have to teach us, at least we can have a good laugh. A few good laughs, anyway. These are hilarious!

1. Meowy Christmas

via: Imgur

2. "This isn't remotely funny, Susan."

This cat is going to poop in someone's shoes later.

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3. One pooped pupper.

Christmas is exhausting.

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4. "I regret nothing."

...Except maybe that look on my human's face.

via: Imgur

5. This doggo is NOT dreaming of a white Christmas.

He will also forever, from here on out, hate these darn trees.

via: Imgur

6. They look like they've seen things.

Christmas things.

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7. "Where's my stocking?"

Pupper demands presents.

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8. Fierce Bork.

If I were you, I would take these threats seriously.

via: Imgur

9. This festive bow.

Perhaps doggo thinks this color combo doesn't bring out his eyes?

via: Imgur

10. Meow means Murder.

Kitty's Christmas wish is death to the person who put this Santa hat on.

via: Imgur

11. Teenie-Weenie

This little pup wants to hide away until the holidays are over.

via: Imgur

12. NOM

The only thing trees are good for, if you ask a cat.

via: Imgur

13. "This is humiliating."

Miserable lil' fella.

via: Imgur

14. This epic staredown.

"You will rue the day, Debra. RUE. THE. DAY."

via: Imgur

15. No holiday cheer here.

Just a down dogoo waiting for the new year to roll in.

via: Imgur

16. Humph.

That's the sound this image invokes.

via: Imgur

17. "This is humiliating."

"I'm not even mad, I'm just begging you to take them off."

via: Instagr

18. Merry Christmas.

Santa brought you something unusual.

via: Imgur

19. Here's what he thinks of Christmas.

It's not happy thoughts.

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20. Forget Elf on a Shelf

This is Bork from the Dork.

via: Imgur

21. "Don't make light of the situation, Barbara."

"You've taken away my dog-nity."

via: Instagr

22. "Ugh."

Mama likes Christmas photos, pupper does not. Typical story.

via: Imgur

23. "Please stop."


via: Imgur

24. Pet Versus Tree

It was an epic battle.

via: Imgur

25. Purrty sure this cat is grumpy.

But he totally rocks that Santa beard.

via: Imgur

26. This cat evicted baby Jesus from the manger...

"I'm the only savior you need."

via: Twitter

27. This tree isn't bark-free.

But that sinister facial expression suggests someone is going to step in doo-doo later.

via: Imgur

28. "I am not amused, human."

Remove this hat, meow!

via: Imgur

29. "You're dead to me."

There shall be no forgiveness in the name of the season here.

30. That's a weird ornam... WAIT A MINUTE.

I'm bamboozled.

via: Imgur

31. The apathetic cat owner.

AKA: The only way to keep your cat out of your Christmas tree.

via: Reddit

32. Apparently he didn't want a sweater for Christmas.

He specifically asked for bacon.

via: Reddit

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