10+ Pets Who Have No Holiday Cheer Despite Our Best Efforts

by Elana

I mean, the holidays are a wonderful time of year, right? We just want to spread some cheer! Pretty lights, fun colors, yummy food! What's not to love?! 

Apparently, our animals have found reasons to grump greater than the Grinch each and every holiday season and it's 99% of the time our fault. 

We have this uncanny ability to spread cheer in the worst of ways without beloved pets. Ridiculous costumes. Noisy decorations. Flashing lights. We are just a little too enthusiastic and they tend not to appreciate it, which is why there has been a new trend of upside down Christmas trees this year.

Yet while we all take the lessons these grumpy, grinch pets have to teach us, at least we can have a good laugh. A few good laughs, anyway. These are hilarious!

1. Meowy Christmas

via: Imgur

2. "This isn't remotely funny, Susan."

This cat is going to poop in someone's shoes later.

via: Imgur

3. One pooped pupper.

Christmas is exhausting.

via: Imgur

4. "I regret nothing."

...Except maybe that look on my human's face.

via: Imgur

5. This doggo is NOT dreaming of a white Christmas.

He will also forever, from here on out, hate these darn trees.

via: Imgur

6. They look like they've seen things.

Christmas things.

via: Imgur

7. "Where's my stocking?"

Pupper demands presents.

via: Imgur

8. Fierce Bork.

If I were you, I would take these threats seriously.

via: Imgur

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