The Internet Shares What Nicknames Their Pets Have Earned And It's The Greatest

by Angie

I feel like naming an animal and keeping that name is more of a fluid process, than one set in stone.

For example, when we got a cat as a child, he was originally named "Pooh Bear", but ended up with the name Coat. He really enjoyed riding on our Chihuahua's back as a kitten and he looked like her coat. :) 

Either way, it seems that no matter what you name your new pet, and no matter what kind of animal it is, that name will always either morph into something else or they will gain an obnoxious amount of nicknames. 

Check out the list below for the evolution of some people's pet's names. 

Fat poops is my favorite one of these lol

Next up: Bath Salts?

Those are some glorious chompers!

What a pretty guy!

Can you imagine spelling that on a veterinary clinic intake form?

Mother knows best!

Kids assign the best nicknames!

#bootsbootsbaby #dadadadada in mince meat?

So generic, yet so unique

These two are the cutest!

Good thing animals don't have birth certificates

That is the most beagle thing I've ever heard.

"This is Loki. AKA Loki boy and boo boo face"

How did "cow" not make it into that conglomeration of a name?

Shih-tzus! <3

Aww, poor little guy

Waiting on mom to come home

Enjoying some sunshine

Then Snookie?

I'm impressed a 3 year old can say "Doglington"

Sticklebrick LOL


Scott is his formal name ;)

Glad he was okay!


I hope her name involves that cute little tongue sticking out!

*faints of cuteness*

All of those fit him so well!

She may or may not murder you in your sleep.

RIP Tedwardious Object!

Guys! Guys!

What a sweet little piglet!

Maybe time to rethink this one

I enjoy that they have a collective nickname

I'm definitely stealing the name Lord Boobington

Goldens are always amused :)

Showing up everyone in the neighborhood

Woah-oh Black Betty!

Poor kitty!


Stuff as in "etc" or stuff as in "stuff"??

I'm going with "Classy Lady" on this one.

Next up, Lasagna!

She does provide accurate showtimes to nearby theaters so...

Or JPBB to close friends.

Shezabelle the Jezebel!

Rump Roast!

Muffin Man??

Bootstrap :)

That's a mouthful


Can't change now!

Grunty Shnurrrrrrrrr


Popalopachops is fantastic.

His rival was Coke Michael Peeley

*heart eyes emoji*

My brother named a fish after himself once

Reubpunzel (let down your dog hair) hahahahahhahaha

I originally read this as he has a stroke when you say his name. Glad it was not that.

Sometimes it's hard to remember their original names

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