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Unexpectedly Photogenic People In Uncomfortable Situations

Unexpectedly Photogenic People In Uncomfortable Situations

I can't be the only one who can't take a nice picture even when trying, let alone accidentally stumble into photogenic glory? 

In case it's not abundantly clear, these people aren't just taking good photos. They're looking fabulous under utterly impossible circumstances. When others would look like they have 4 necks they look like super models on the beach. When others would look like they're wrestling in a pile of dog doo-doo, they look like they belong in the mud like some sort of Earth Goddess. When others would look like they just took a punch to the face with the force of 800 pounds behind it, they look like they could be modeling for a toothpaste commercial with their stupid, flawless smiles. 

Alright, now I'm just sounding bitter. Have a look for yourself, you won't believe this nonsense. 


1. Oh hey there.

"I could do this in my sleep, please."

via:22 Words

2. Always looking to the future.

Never mind what sort of Hell on Earth you're running through, flash that million dollar smile.

via:Blaze Press

3. Leap for JOY

Seriously, shouldn't she have a very uncomfortable look on her face right now? No?

via:The Meta Picture

4. Splash Mountain

More thrilling then the current ride is the one she's looking forward to. Apparently.

via:22 Words

5. Encouragement

Or motivation, whatever, I'm ready to run marathons now. Thanks to him.

via:22 Words

6. American Pie

She's a natural. She is one with the wilderness.


7. "I could do this in my sleep."

But really, kudos to the photographer on this one.

via:The Mirror

8. Baby's First Smile

Now this is a memory to take with ya.

via:Lot of Laughter

9. 4 seconds

Then you have an entirely different photograph. Spectacular timing.

via:Thumb Press

10. Stunning.

I thought this was supposed to be a fight, not a photo-shoot for a modeling agency.


11. True Love

They're going places. With bars and strict dress codes, but places none the less.

via:Huffington Post

12. When Sultry Meets Bored

His face says, "seriously, I don't have all day for this boring ass judo match."

via:22 Words

13. Earth Goddess

I mentioned her in the beginning, I warned you. This is insane.


14. I got this!

Nevermind flailing through the air and face planting, she's got a flawless, stunning smile on her face while she cascades. I would look like a drowning duck.

via:22 Words

15. Hey, this is the perfect time to strike up a conversation.

You come here often?

via:Rugby Wrap

These people truly look beautiful in situations where I would honestly look like a potato. The photographers in these situations have shown us awkward situations in a different light. Just like this photographer who has taken images of cats from a very... unusual perspective.