10+ Cats Purrfectly Summed Up By A Photo

by Elana

Let's talk cats, they're great, aren't they? We have a habit of bonding to our kitties, referring to them as our fur babies, and doting on them relentlessly. They are truly special animals full of life, spunk, and purr-sonality. 

They make us laugh, they comfort us, they are everything right in this world. But as cat lovers who have brought cats into our homes and hearts, we know that there are a lot of things about cats that are unique and distinct to this particular animal. The way they interact, behave, and communicate in general is certainly delightful but it is also often humorous and peculiar.

If there's one thing cats are unanimously good at, it's being unintentionally hilarious in ways only us cat lovers can understand and the following photos unequivocally prove it.

Plotting revenge while looking immensely displeased.

I wonder if this cat was the inspiration behind the book "How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Murder You."

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Kitty is better than cookie anyway.

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It's missing only one thing:

It's 2am when this happens, maybe 3am.

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He has no regrets.

This is partially why I can relate to cats on such a spiritual level, isn't it? We're both gluttons for carbs.

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"Oh no, what I have done?!"

Chaos, absolute chaos.

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This is cute but...

We do not recommend this. Someone get these parents some grandchildren.

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We cannot resist.

I don't know if it's true but the irresistibly urge I have to pet all the cats might be because cats have mind control abilities.

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Not all walks are beautiful.

"Let me back in, meow!"

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A classic "who-dun-it"

Kitty edition. (AKA the best kind.)

Please debug.

If this doesn't have you giggling then you are not nerdy enough. Get ...nerdier, or something.

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Tiny chomper!

Never has a bite been so, so, so, so cute. Never!

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The majestic hunter.

He looks just as perplexed as the rest of us.

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My favorite is reason number 5.

But the rest are great, too.

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Angry Dad Cat

Mothers worldwide relate to this Angry Dad Cat. He just wanted his peace and quiet. Until the Kitten Nation attacked.

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Super scientific terminology.

For your benefit, of course.

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Weird Cat

Everyone loves a weirdo.

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Be a rebel without a cause.

Like this cat, for example.

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Cats LOVE running water.

So beware, if your cat figures this out they will be obsessed. Though, this is very clever of the smart kitty.

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He gave it to 'em!

He just needs a cute hat.

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Proof that the Internet loves cats.

A quick glimpse at these names is undeniable proof.

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He was just inspecting them for quality control reasons.

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