10+ Photoshop Fails Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud

by Elana

Image editing software continues to become easier to access for just about everyone and their unique skill levels. Today we can download a variety of simple applications straight to our mobile devices to help us edit our own photos and get creative with our images and even make our very own memes. Despite the ease of access to inexperienced user-friendly options, there are still individuals who excel in the realm of photo and image manipulation and use expensive software to turn a simple image into something else altogether.

And then where there are skilled artists there are also skilled trolls. Take British-based graphic designer James Fridman for example. His social media profiles are booming with popularity all because of his hysterical editing abilities. Fans from all over the world send photos to James with a simple request and James gives them what they ask for... maybe a little too much of what they ask for. He certainly seems to either twist their request or take it just a bit too seriously and the results are too funny not to share!

1. The Exorcist

He can't keep his eyes off of you.

via: Twitter

2. Bling, bling y'all.

This one was pretty clever if you ask me.

via: Twitter

3. Brilliant!

James for President.

via: Twitter

4. That's one way to do it!

Why are her eyes open in the first place?!

via: Twitter

5. Now he's stylish!

He's definitely got a good look down at last.

via: Twitter

6. Nothing awkward here!

Just another normal day.

via: Twitter

7. Safe travels, indeed.

Sign me up for the next ship, okay?

via: Twitter

8. Kardashian Look

This is why it's dangerous to specify any of them.

via: Twitter

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