Photoshopped Animals That We Wish Really Existed IRL

by Admin

Do you think the average pupper or doggo is cute? Wait until you see these photoshopped beauties. Animals that look so weirdly right, all with a little bit of photoshop magic, these animals come straight out of a mystical world and onto this site for your viewing pleasure. I'll take one of each, please! 

1. Hamster Lions

I’ll take 500 of these, please. And a little wheel for them to play all day.

cute / Commaful

2.  Birds With Arms

This is why the internet was invented. For this.

3. Penguin Cats

People love penguins…and people love obviously everyone is going to love these.

4. Pug Horses

Attractive people love pugs and with one of these, I’m going to be going on tons of dates!

5. Tiger Owls

It can beat you at chess and outrun you any day.