This Pitbull And Dachshund Are Best Friends For The Most Amazing Reason

by Ella

When six-year-old Blue Dozer's owner became homeless a month ago he was surrendered to Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC), but he wasn't alone he had his best friend of four years with him, a senior 12-year-old Dachshund named OJ.

Their owner suddenly became homeless and she knew she couldn't give them the life that they deserve, so she made the very hard decision by taking them to RACC. She, however, had one very important condition that could not be broken no matter what.

The condition was that they should stay together at all times and should be adopted together. "She said they had been living in her car for a while and she had been through some other personal things recently," Director of RACC, Christie Chipps Peters said. "All she wanted was to find them a new home together."

Why was it so important that they should be together? Well, it turns out Blue is not only OJ's best friend in the whole world, but he also acts as OJ's "guide dog". OJ is completely blind and can only see some shapes so he very much depends on Blue to help him find his way on a daily basis. 

And Blue doesn't mind at all.  

Christie immediately saw how cute and bonded Blue and OJ is and knew they wouldn't stay in the shelter long before the calls come in to adopt the cutest pair of fur buddies. 

"We don’t see a combination like this very often," Christie said with a laugh. "It’s so comical and sweet. Blue is like this super tough muscular guy, then OJ is a teeny tiny dachshund. Seeing them together is super cute."

Everyone including Christie saw right away how depended Oj was on Blue and funny enough Blue is also very independent on OJ, he wouldn't stray far away from him even during playtime. 

"They’ve been pals for at least four years, so they have this understanding of sticking by each other. When we’d go outside, it was like OJ was Blue’s little shadow."

Christie's hunch was correct though because just two days into shelter life a family living two hours away came to meet and greet Blue and OJ. They hit it right off and they finalized the adoption right then and there. 

And so they went to their new home, but the most unexpected thing happened. Little OJ was found on the side of the road wandering all by himself, where he was dumped by the new family that promised to take care of him. 

Luckily a good Samaritan came along the way and picked up little OJ and brought him to Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center. There they scanned his new microchip and immediately made contact with RACC. 

RACC then realized what happened and immediately sprang into action to get Blue back from the people who "adopted" him. Eventually, the woman gave him back and now they are both sound and safe at the shelter. 

Even though the shelter does checks on all the people that want to adopt an animal, there are still of them that get through the cracks and don't hold up their end of the deal. 

"We very much appreciate the outpouring of community support," RACC said. "The only thing that matters is these sweet dogs get to stay together — and in the end, that’s what we have ... We will not be doing anything with OJ and Blue Dozer in the next few days other than snuggling them together."

Blue and OJ haven't found their forever home just yet, but everyone is hopeful. As long as they have each other they will be happy! Oh, and remember don't shop, ADOPT!

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