This Plus Size Twitter User Tells Us All About What It's Like To Travel On A Plane

by Maxine

Body shaming is something we as a society need to eradicate.

Just because there seems to be an ideal body shape doesn't mean we get to judge and criticize others who don't meet those standards. And it sure doesn't help with the media defining what beauty is.

There are times when people obtain mental illness, affecting their weight gain (or lack of). In some cases, it's genetic and they can't help but look the way they do. Basically, whether you have body issues yourself, we should all just stop being superficial and stereotyping. We should strive to have more empathy towards everyone around us.

However, no matter what your size, has anyone ever really been 100% comfortable during a plane ride? There's a Twitter thread about a plane passenger, who happens to fall in the overweight category. 

Social media user @yrfatfriend tells everyone the reality of what overweight people experience while being in such a cramped area, describing how uncomfortable it is for them, as much as it is uncomfortable for the other passengers around them.

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