The Police Released A Horrible Sketch Of A Suspect On Twitter And People Are Dying Of Laughter

by Elzaan Van der merwe

Police sketches aren't always what they seem and most of the time they can't perfectly depict the face of their suspects even if they use the special computerized equipment. Sometimes they only have the victims words to go on and well, it doesn't always end well.

That's exactly what happened to theย Warwickshire police department in the United Kingdom. They are looking for two suspects that are part of a robbery in a woman's apartment after they posed as employees from the housing association.

They managed to distract her, steal her money and get away before she called the police. Warwickshire police department asked the woman to sit down with a sketch artist and after the final piece was approved they posted the photo on Twitter.

It's safe to say that the sketch left people in tears, tears of laughter.ย 

The woman said one of the men looked like this...

The photo instantly went viral and the people on Twitter thought the police was pulling a prank on them. It got so bad that they actually had to release another tweet where they clearly state that this is the man they are looking for.

The police ended up explaining the whole incident on their website,ย "At between 2.00pm and 2.36pm on 5 February 2018, two men claiming to be from Orbit Housing tricked their way into a flat in Hertford Place. One of the men distracted the occupant - a woman in her 40s - while the other man searched the property.ย When the victim realized what they were doing she ordered them to leave. The men left with a quantity of cash."

And surely enough Twitter users knew exactly who the man was.

If he has a dog, we know exactly who he is!

The perfect description

Other Twitter users thought he looks quite distinctive...

Certainly a man with his smile can be seen from far away

And then there were the civilian cops who tried to help out the police.

So much better, thanks Ryan!

There's too many of them! Make it stop!

Teethy, teethy

We certainly hope they catch him soon! Because there is no guarantee that people will stop laughing at him.

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