Incredible Photos and Stories of 5 Pregnant Transgender Men

by Elana

Despite the fact that evidence proves transgender individuals have existed throughout history, it has only been in recent history that they've been slowly achieving rights and freedoms that allow them the comfort to try and be open about who they are. As society pushes towards inclusiveness and acceptance we are constantly pushed to expand our perceptions of many gender-based concepts. Slowly we are tearing down ideas that anything in particular is exclusively for "boys" or "girls." While that can mean something as simple as what color someone "can" wear or what toy a child "can" play with, it has also presented greater conversations as we propel forward into a society that stops trying to oppress individual expression and freedom.

One of the most controversial ways our perceptions have been challenged particularly on the subject of transgender individuals is surely the subject of pregnancy. The conversation has been around for awhile now but as time looms on and forward we are seeing more instances that bring on further conversations. While these photos may sometimes challenge us to readjust how we perceive the world and the people in it, the reality is they are also nothing more than human beings sharing proud moments of their transforming lives. They are just like anyone else, celebrating monumental milestones and beautiful moments of their growing families and quite frankly, it's inspiring.


1. Trystan Reese & Biff Chaplow

After Tristan and Biff adopted Biff's niece and nephew they decided to expand their family by adding a biological child of their own. Trystan's photos and story went viral and he explained that being transgender looks different for every individual. For him, he never wanted his body to be different and he embraces the ability to carry a child.


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2. Kayden Coleman

It was already halfway through his gender confirmation process that Kayden discovered he was pregnant. It was then that he also learned he was already 21 weeks along! His story has been told on national television!


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