15 Priceless 'Petty Revenge' Stories That Will Make You Feel So Good

by Ayoub Mask

Most of the time, we try our hardest to be as mature as possible and to let things slide whenever we find ourselves in a situation where things could escalate easily and lead to some bad consequences. 

But in certain cases, you just can’t help yourself when the person you’re dealing with happens to be an absolute garbage of a human being who deserves no mercy or compassion, so you choose an alternative non-violent solution that will make their blood boil. It’s definitely petty but totally worth it.

2. The most savage old lady on this planet

3. How to deal with douchebags 

9. A church group didn't want to stop e-mailing me

 while ago my email address was added to a mailing list for a church group located in the southern USA. It was a Gmail address and I naturally assume it was added in error. I deleted the first few messages as there were not many. After a week or so the volume of email started to increase a lot as there events being organised and everyone was responding with reply all. First off I sent an email to he address that seemed to belong to the organiser, the one who was initiating the email chains. "hi, I am not part of your group. Please remove me from this email distribution list." No response. Over the next couple of days, as each new message arrives, I send another one. No response. So far I have only been sending to the leader. Next day I send a reply all. (they are not sending the messages BCC, so I can see all the addresses) Again, I am ignored. I try again, no response. I am now receiving 10-20 of this crap a day. So I take the nuclear option. As each message arrives, I reply all with porn images. "since you won't remove me from the list here is my imput" I start mild and crank it up. Stuff that makes gaotse look like a gentleman boner post. I recieve outraged replies about this being a Christian Church group, I reply with something worse. "I asked nicely for weeks to be removed and was ignored. So here is another fine picture for you. " The email list disappeared from my inbox within 24 hours.

11. He slowed right the f*ck down after that

15. My brother is going to have a blast

Some guys out there have sadly been cheated on.  I mean, it can happen to anyone. Guy or girl... what ever you identify as. But here are some stories of guys that got cheated on, and went out to seek revenge.