It's Official: The New Criminal Male Model Is Trending and He's Called 'Bae'

by Maxine

Remember #JailBae? Unless you've lived under a rock these past few years, we'll assume you have!

Jeremy Meeks, 'Jail Bae', had his mugshot go viral all over social media since 2014. A modeling agency saw his potential and hired him while he was still behind bars. No doubt that his gorgeous baby-blue eyes, sharp cheekbones, and masculine jawline would catch him millions of admirers online.

He was an internet sensation for many months, but his time and 'Bae' title on the pedestal is over.

Ladies, a new good-lookin' convict is in town. (I would never have thought I would type this sentence in my life, and even more to make it seem like it's the greatest news ever.)

via: Mirror

Featuring Mekhi Alante Lucky, a young felon (he's only 20) whose mugshot also went viral, which also ended with a modeling agency hiring him, earning the nickname 'Prison Bae'.

With his naturally arched brows and flawlessly smooth skin, the real catch here is his Heterochromia. It's a condition in which the iris of his eyes is differently colored from each other. In his case, one is blue, while the other is dark brown.

It's not surprising how his unique eyes has caught ordinary eyes due to his good looks.

Ambitious, he says he plans on becoming even more successful than the original 'Bae' convict.

His surname being "Lucky", he truly is, as he was able to avoid any jail time.

And he was able to pursue his modeling career instantly.

He had been arrested numerous times before. But that doesn't make him any less handsome.

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