The Process of Cremation of the Human Body

by Ezra Zydan

Have you ever wondered about the process that a human corpse undergoes when cremated? Well, you won't have to wonder much longer, as YouTube has provided us with the insight in video format. This is one of those processes that you'll be grateful to be dead for. The body is prepared in a special way to make certain that the process is quick, but the preparation itself takes hours on end to complete. Once done, they insert the corpse into a special duct that incinerates the body and makes for a rather quick clean up. The bones are generally all that remains, and those are crushed into complete ash so that the remains can be deposited properly into a container for relatives to do with as they please...should there be any relatives left. 

You can check out the video of this process below:

People that work with the dead probably 'enjoy' the work because they aren't being bothered by the living. What about those that might have to deal with haunted beings, though? Like, just imagine coming home to this terrifying scene!