Something Really Creepy Is Going On In Public Bathrooms...

by Elana

At some point in our lives, we all use a public bathroom. For some people, that's not ideal, for others, it's not even much of an afterthought (because when you gotta go, hey... you gotta go.) Public bathrooms have kind of always come with their own set of awkward. They scream germs, the toilet paper is always super cheap and awful, and nobody really enjoys listening to someone else have noisy bowel movements (or have anyone else listen to them for that matter.)

But now our concerns are at a new high as technology continues to evolve and become easier to use, easier to hide, and cheaper to buy. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but an unintended consequence has been that technology has made criminal activity a little sneakier and a little easier. In fact, some of that comes down to as simple as a little hook.

A hook with darker purposes. 

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The first thing that will likely stand out to you about this little guy is the double hooks. Most hooks these days don't have two hooks. 

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These hooks are simple and easy to install, attaching quickly to any wall in your home or... a public bathroom. The downside to this easy install of an inconspicuous looking item? You probably wouldn't think twice seeing them in a public bathroom. 

But... if you do happen to see them in a public bathroom, or even a hotel room: this is your time to immediately exit! Not only that, but this is a good time to contact the authorities. 


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We're eager to explain. These little hooks are more than hooks. 

Hidden inside these little wall hooks are tiny cameras capable of recording people at their most vulnerable moments in bathrooms, changing rooms, and even hotel rooms. 

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Lately, women in particular have been targeted for recording while using bathrooms, showering, and changing in dressing rooms. 

So what's the deal? How are they getting away with this so frequently right now that there's a public service announcement?

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The hook is inconspicuous in appearance. In fact, it looks like any other hook you might find in a hardware store or in the hardware department of your favorite shopping center. It comes equipped with a charger and transfer cable as well. 

The camera is able to record both audio and visual through the tiny hole at the top. 

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This tiny hole is your dead giveaway: Something isn't right. 

But wait, it gets even creepier?! Check out why on the next page.

Not only can these cameras record audio and visual after being placed in inconspicuous places that people everywhere expose themselves without second thought, but the device can be controlled and record remotely... and the remote can work through walls!

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Your best chances of noticing the device is usually where it's located. Frequently, it's being placed somewhere that seems "out of place."

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However, thankfully for us: sometimes you can see the little light from the camera recording.

If you happen to see that, don't hesitate. Leave immediately and contact the authorities. 

So what's the scariest part about all of this?

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These "spy camera hooks" are inexpensive, accessible to anyone, and easy to purchase by criminals with nefarious intentions. 

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That's why our message is so important today. Your awareness of this product and how frequently it's being abused by criminals can be the difference in your safety and privacy.

Packed with the knowledge that these devices exist you can be a little extra vigilant when traveling. Pay attention to your surroundings in public bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, and hotel rooms and if you see one of these simple, double hooks with a hole on the top don't think twice. Get out and call the authorities! 

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