20 Of The Purest Memes You'll See All Week

by Mikayla

Hi, hello, welcome all come on in and sit down, settle in, thank you. Below are 20 of the purest, more adorable, totally relatable memes you'll ever see on the internet. They'll make you smile and make the sunshine 10x brighter on your day (even if it's already sunny.) What? Don't you believe me? 

Grab some snacks and settle in for the ride because I'd bet my left Kidney that these are some of the sweetest posts people have ever made. And even if they're not your cup of tea you can have my kidney anyway, anything to make you happy...

*Honks Furiously*

I've hit the jackpot!

Cheers to healthy relationships!

Literally me.

Without pressuring her as well? What a gentleman!


I'll be right there!

We all should start doing this more...

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