Powerful Photo Series Depicts Disney Princesses Facing Real And Serious Life Problems

by Mikayla

Disney princesses are a symbol to most people the represents childhood dreams, innocence, purity, and some pretty bomb singing voices if we're all being honest. But what if they were more than just that? What if the girls that we know and love represented so much more than the adorable smiles and stories they're known for? 

A photos series by Shannon Dermody has done the almost unthinkable and paired Disney princesses with real-world problems that are not only super serious but really troubling. Dermody uses the well-known characters to embody some of our societies, and earth's, biggest problems right now. They're shocking, so be prepared if you're going to check them out, but in this series, your childhood princesses really need some help.

Domestic Violence




This one is self explanatory

Sex Trafficking



Police Brutality

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