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14 Ridiculous Redflags That Immediately Compelled People To Leave The Relationship

14 Ridiculous Redflags That Immediately Compelled People To Leave The Relationship

by Ayoub Mask

Red flags are very important and should not be ignored under any circumstances. The love you have for another person often forces you to ignore all of their flaws while acting like everything is fine, that’s usually because you let your heart make most of your decisions for you while totally ignoring the logical things that you have to do that usually include confronting your partner about certain ugly things that might make them mad. So you just avoid the whole thing while trying to convince yourself that they will eventually change.


1. DudeInTheOrange

After dating this girl for about a year, her parents surprised me with a contract stating I would propose to my gf within three months!! I thought my gf would share my concern, but she actually thought I was being irrational for not signing! Noped the fuck outta that one and later blocked that entire family from my life in every way I could.

2. u-make-no-sense 

I don't know the technical term for this behavior, but it became clear she thought she owned me. She didn't feel like going to my college graduation, and if she wasn't going, there was no reason for me to go either. I went to my graduation and this was actually the second to the last straw. There was a follow up fight over the graduation party, pretty much the same thing. It wasn't about her. It took a few weeks to finally get her to leave me alone.

3. TheForceIsNapping

We had lived together for about 4 months, after dating for about a year. Things were going pretty OK, until one day I got called into work super early, so I got home somewhat early. When I arrived home, she was also at home. Perplexed, I entered my apartment to find her watching TV, instead of being at work. When I inquired about the situation, she let me know that she asked her boss to cut her back to just three part time shifts a week, from her five full time shifts she was working. Even more perplexed, I asked for her reasons for cutting her hours. Her explanation was that 15 hours a week paid her bills, so she simply did not need to work more. When I told her that the rent, utilities, groceries and other regular bills still had to be paid, she said I could just work more to cover the community bills. Now, I worked in the oil fields at the time, and was already pulling 12 to 14 hour days every day, and I worked 11 days between days off, so there was no way in hell I was going work on my days off just because she didn't want to work. No matter how much we talked about it, she refused to work a full time job. The warning bells started ringing, and I got the feeling this was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.We broke up two weeks later.No regerts.

4. KitchenSwillForPigs

I dated my high school boyfriend through the first year of college. He didn't work at all in high school, but I did, so I drove him around and paid for most of our meals and outings with friends. It sucked, but it was high school, so I didn't think too much of it. After we graduated, I told him I wanted to save as much money as possible for college while I worked over the summer, and I wouldn't be able to pay for everything anymore. He angrily asked what I expected him to do for food and fun. I said "Get a job?" He exploded. Called me names, cursed me out, all of it. I should have ended it right then and there. But I was 18. And dumb.One full year later, I was buying him clothes, paying for almost all his meals, and taking him to and from his community college classes every single day, while also working and attending the state university (on the other side of town) full time. I remember waking up one day and realizing I wasn't his girlfriend, I was his mother. I dumped him that day. I didn't even cry. I was so relieved.Tl;dr: People like that are parasites and they fucking suck.

5. Atmoscope

She thought I had to pay for everything when her friends tagged along. Made her friends hate me and we broke up later. The hated me because I refused to pay for them and argued that I wouldn't at all. Then she argued w me that I should have paid it for them. So her friends hated me and made everything worse.

6. spotmonk 

She pulled out a knife and started running in circles around the house with it.I was on a bus back home the next day.

7. MissMrsMissed

I didn't wash a bowl in the sink before work. I said "I went to do it but got distracted and I didn't." He decided to teach me a lesson by speeding the car up and then slamming the brakes on and stopped before hitting the car in front of us stopped at the lights. The turned to me and said "I was going to smash into them...but I didn't" yeah he didn't last long after that. It was weird and looking back it didn't make sense what he said but it scared the shit out of me at the time.

8. Tenyx

I called her pretty. She did not like this. She got quite angry, then tweeted something to the tune of "every girl deserves to be called BEAUTIFUL everyday."

9. Drumlin

She bit me twice...once on my arm and then on my ass. These were not fun, love bites...we were in an argument and the crazy broad got violent.Took a chunk out of both places. I finally slapped her so she would release her jaw from my ass. She was shocked. She called the cops. They showed up and arrested her.I was the one bleeding after all.

10. asoiahats

Tried to run me over with my own car. In her mind it was my fault though. She thought anything she did while she was upset didn't count. For the most part that took the form of screaming at me over stupid things. It got to a point where I ignored the screaming.Anyway, she injured her shoulder skiing one day. Two doctors, one of whom was my dad, and one physio told her that there wasn't anything wrong with it. I'm not a doctor so I assumed three opinions meant it was fine.A year later her shoulder still hurt so she went to another physio who determined she had a torn rotator cuff. She underwent treatment but after a few sessions she still had pain. After one of these sessions she was supposed to pick me up in my car because her car was in for service that day. Traffic on the way was worse than she expected which upset her. And her shoulder pain was also my fault because I 


11. USSRguy

I bought a townhome and as soon as I bought it, she hired movers to move in with me. We had only been dating a couple of months and I was not ready to have her live with me. Before then, she had been "weird" but nothing crazy.When asked what she was doing, she said "You bought a house, so I assumed we were going to move in together". when I told her I bought a house because I wanted a home, not because I wanted her to move in.She freaked out. Made a scene, crying and screaming like a child until I paid the moving company to take the stuff back to her house. For whatever reason, I didn't break up with her after that and later I found out that she had poked holes in my condoms and was not taking her birth control.Noped the fuck out. Just a few months ago, I was getting dinner with my current girlfriend and I saw my ex in the corner of the room. She came up and started shouting at me for cheating on her.

12. pastyNproud

He yelled at me and accused me of cheating because he found another man's pubic hair on my toilet seat.It was dog hair.He still didn't believe me when I got the dog and compared its fur to the hair found on the toilet seat.

13. allygolightlly

Ex of three years started suggesting the idea of having a threesome. We lost our virginity together, so I figured she just wanted to branch out and have some new experiences in a respectful and mutually beneficial way.Nope. She just wanted to "test" my loyalty and got pissed at me for being interested in her suggestion.

14. FanWh0re

He went through the messages on my phone twice. Each time was after a fight because he knew I would have ranted to my friend about it. Then he tried starting a fight about what he read.Got harrased by him for 3 months after I ended it. Only stopped when I had to get a police officer to go tell him he's not to be anywhere near me any more or contact me.Found out his first girlfriend got a restraining order against him for the same reasons.Especially frightening when you take into account we were only 17.