10+ Memes That Every Over Thinker Will Absolutely Relate To

by Mikayla

If you're an overthinker you'll know exactly how it feels to turn the smallest decision into what feels like a million mile hike over rusty nails.  If you're not, you'll think I'm overreacting but really, the easiest decision like choosing an ice cream flavor can turn into a horror story

The person behind the bar is staring, your family is chanting "just choose already!" and you're sweating because do you want chocolate? Or strawberry? But what if you want both? Or what if the chocolate has chunks and you don't feel like chunks? How about vanilla, that's always a safe choice, but now you've wasted so long choosing a flavor that if you chose plain vanilla everyone will be mad at you.

It's a trainwreck. But don't worry, you're not alone. And these memes prove it...

1. I want chips.

2. No, I'm busy at all!

3. Plot twist, it's you.

4. That person I'll never see again definitely hates me.

5. Oh god NOT NOW

6. Cute, but horrifying...

7. Why would you even try this!?

8. Is my child drowning? Oh wait... He's in bed.

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