A Talented Artist Has Shown Everyone The Inside Scoop On What Long Term Relationships Are Really Like

by Mikayla

Love is one of those worldly things that's always surrounding us, but somehow nobody knows how to truly understand it. A talented Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander decided the best way to document what love is really like when no one is watching was to illustrate it. She uses inspiration from her own relationship with  Joey Rudman, and relationships of those close to her to show people what the ins out outs of love really are, and they're things you'd least expect. 

Amanda said in an interview: "I'm enthralled by the way people behave behind closed doors, intimate moments we never get to see. Those are moments that can’t really be documented because if they were, it would alter the way the person behaved. So I draw them." And everything she draws comes from a different concept. "I do wish that viewers take with them a sense of confidence and appreciation for the simple moments in life."

Check out the illustrations below to see her stunning work.

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1. Fancy breathing in some hair?


3. Everything requires teamwork


5. You HAVE to let them pop the pimple!


7. And sometimes you have to force them to take breaks...


9. Pregnancy makes her an instant queen


11. Hugs. Just hugs.


13. You have to learn to make time alone...


15. And learn to share the scolding hot shower


17. When you want to unplug from the world they're always there with you


19. But be aware, they always get your worst angles!


21. There could be a million stars around you, but they're the only thing you want to gaze at.


23. There's always time to bake cookies together. ALWAYS.


25. H U G S.


27. Don't worry, melting in their arms is 100% safe and recommended.


29. Falling asleep during films is NOT recommended, but they'll love you anyway.


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