Hilarious Memes You Can Send To Your Friend With a "Resting Bitch Face"

by Ayoub Mask

People who happen to have a "Resting Bitch Face" always have to face this huge dilemma that consists of explaining to people why they're not having a bad day or going through something, and that it's just how their face looks like. 

It gets annoying after people don't accept that explanation and continue attempting to get something out of you, kind of like a confession or a secret, but in the reality, there's usually nothing going on at all.

Some people even become genuinely annoyed by that person's questions and their feelings suddenly change to whatever that person initially suspected they were feeling like.


2. If you happen to have a resting bitch face, you should send this to all of your friends

3. Only serial killers smile all the time

4. You just gotta wait

5. Smile for this

6. I'm just living life

7. You're the reason why

8. You just changed my opinion about you

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