These Tumblr Posts Savagely Roast Classic TV Shows And It's Hilarious

by Jessy

A lot of us millennials are known for the vast amount of hours we spent sitting in front of the television, or Netflix, YouTube, and any other places we go to watch the shows we like. 

There are many shows that we know and love for the things they are famous for, such as Hells Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay's strict approach at running a restaurant, and the Bachelor for its notorious rose giving ceremonies. 

These roasts are absolutely savage when it comes to critiquing our favorite shows, but will make you laugh none the less. Every show has its own flaws and these posts totally tear them up.

Calling an intervention for these hidden razors.

via: Tumblr

Obviously a house is not complete with a man cave.

Why do they always have such high expectations for a reality show...

Why do they always change their minds after being so adamant.

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SO much more intense they need to be.

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Hannah Montana cast had me fooled though.

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There are too many books for a little backpack to be a reality.

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People who don't say goodbye are the worst.

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How to evaluate.

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Seriously where did you go....

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HOW is it even possible, it makes no sense.

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