The Truth About The Russian Bear-Dog Has Finally Been Revealed And Everyone Is Stunned

by Elana

Life is full of mysteries and that's not a bad thing. When there is always something left to be explored, discovered, conquered, or achieved, humanity has a reason to continue to explore and try to learn more. 

Along those adventures we overcome insurmountable odds, climbing mountains that were once un-climbable and crossing vast deserts, and sinking thousands of miles below into the deep, dark, mysterious ocean. We are constantly striving to learn more and see what mysteries mother nature, science, and biology have to offer our eager minds.

Of course, along the way myths appear that leave us questioning: is this creature real or just a fantasy? The squid large enough to sink ships? Bigfoot? Atlantis? Who knows!

For one such community in Chelyabinsk, Russia, their mystery comes in the form a strange, wild animal that was spotted all over the community, confusing some, scaring others! 

People were perplexed by what appeared to be some sort of dog-bear hybrid creature. The creature had a long, broad snout and round ears like a bear, but the body and grace of a dog. 

The community was simply perplexed, and a little bit concerned!

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But now at long last, local scientists seem to have figured the creature out! The mysterious creature was caught and was taken to local animal sanctuary, Nash Dom. 

The owner of the shelter, Polina Kefer, says that they have solved the great Bear-Dog mystery.

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Kefer says they believe the animal is a cross-bred between two animals: the "puffy lion dog," Chow Chow and a wild "long-nosed" stray dog. It sounds a bit simple but the local animal rights activists have said they've never seen anything quite like this dog. Kefer believes this is because the poor animal was "irresponsibly bred." By appearances, the cross-bred dog was probably purchased as a pet but when he became too aggressive he was abandoned by his owners, who were unprepared for what happens when a domestic breed is crossed with a wild breed.

Kefer spoke with The Siberian Times and said:

This dog is a ‘badly-made’ Chow Chow… by those pet markets where irresponsible breeders sell pets pretending that they are a pure breed.

People buy such puppies and once they grow into something like this dog, they just throw them out like a broken toy.

Poor misfit.
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According to Kefer, the likelihood that the cross-bred dog, once out on its own, became more hostile and aggressive trying to fend for it's lonely life. The vets at the sanctuary estimate the dog was around 4 years old and say the poor thing is under "serious stress" right now.

But the shelter won't give up on the animal. It has been given a nickname of Medvebaka, which is a combination of Russian words "medved," bear,and "sobaka," dog!

But socializing the dog has not been easy.
The dog struggles intensely to trust any human contact and has been aggressive with those who have tried, making finding the animal a home very difficult.

Igor, an animal right advocate working with the dog and the shelter had a few significant reflections on the dog's situation:

It has a difficult character, actually a little noxious. We had a tough time with it, while we were transporting it.

And when speaking of the type of owner that Medvebaka will need he said:

The new owner would have to spend a lot of time in order to figure out an individual approach to this animal.

So far, only one person has offered to take in the dog and work with him but they returned him shortly after. A volunteer from the shelter explained:

The dog hid inside an outdoor kennel and refused to come out, with his new family he was trying to escape.

He hated the leash, and showed no interest whatsoever in making friends. We tried our best foods on him, but the dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again.

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Whatever happens to this bear-dog in the future, we truly hope it's all good news from here on out! We are sure the right family is out there somewhere, ready and willing to be dedicated to his rehabilitation.