10+ Satisfying Revenge Stories That Will Definitely Inspire You

by Ayoub Mask

A lot of situations in life require for you to be the bigger person, but most of the time it's not the case at all and you can have as much fun as you want with whatever situation you got yourself involved in. Getting your revenge is one of the best feelings ever, especially when you've been wronged unjustly by a stranger or someone close to you. That's when you feel the universe balancing itself out and after that, life resumes without any complications.

1. Nerds have it under control

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2. A rude parent gets what they deserve

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3. He found his address and returned the favor

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4. Where's the fire?

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5. This grandma rules!

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6. A fake heart condition

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7. A driver kicked this stray dog so he returned with his pack of friends and took it out on his car

8. Best. Review. Ever.

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