This Twitter User Captured What It Looks Like When A Simpson Character Looks Straight At You

by Ella

Anyone that was old enough to talk in the 1980's to 2000 knows about The Simpsons. Sure, maybe it wasn't for kids to watch back then, with their favorite Saturday morning cartoons, but as we grew older we could recognize those yellow beings anywhere.

It's safe to say that anyone could pick them from a lineup if they ever committed a felony. Which, some of them already did in their town Springfield. 

Someone realized that most of the time we only see the characters faces from the side or the back, never straight on and it was kind of weird. We like seeing people's faces, especially when they are so funny! That is why one Twitter user went out and captured the exact moment that The Simpson characters looked into the screen. It's creepy, but check it out anyway, we know you are curious.


Behold the town of Springfield where everyone is yellow and funny as hell.

Needless, to say the whole show revolves around Homer, Bart, Maggie, Marge and Lisa. They are everyone's favourite and we love all their adventures.


Now that you are seeing them in front of you, close your eyes and focus on them for a minute.

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Now, you may not have seen them from upfront, but you are about to. Be prepared!

First up is Homer. We all know him as the dad that's always wearing a white shirt and blue pants, with little curly things growing on his head.

via: Twitter

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