10+ Memes That Only Girls With Small Boobs Will Understand

by Mikayla

Some people are blessed with the perfect sized boobs, but what is perfect? Whether your boobs are big or small they're wonderfully fun things to have, but sadly girls with small boobs seem to get a bit of a hard time, just because of their size. Really though those in the itty-bitty-titty-committee have it good! 

They can go braless whenever they want, sleep on their stomachs, and even enlarge their boobs whenever they want! (If you've never tried some good old bra stuffing then 100% recommend just for the experience.)

If you're over feeling bad about your tiny boobs check out the list of memes made just for you and finally have a laugh at things that those who are chestically-gifted cant enjoy with you.

I'll see you again... One day.

They're my non permanent friends


It's not me. It's the shirt.

H-how do they do that?

Me now.

The days before chicken cutlets...

The forbidden land

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